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Halloween Fun in Oakville

Oct 12 , 2018
If you're looking for some spooky fun near your Oakville apartment,...
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Recycle Better! Best Tips for Apartment Living

Sep 13 , 2018
Recycling in an apartment may seem like a hassle, but it's easier than...
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Summer Vacation Tips: Prep Yourself, and Your Apartment

Aug 2 , 2018
Being organized and prepared for a trip is just as important as planning...
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How to Cook Without Heating up Your Apartment

Jul 10 , 2018
Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the weather...
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Celebrate Summer in Oakville

Jun 20 , 2018
Oakville comes alive this summer with festivals, events, and many great...
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Blooming Oakville

Jun 6 , 2018
Spring is in bloom throughout Oakville!   Nature lovers,...
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Oakville Offers Outstanding Dance-Fit Options!

Apr 23 , 2018
The key to a good workout is having fun!   If you dread your...
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Sweet Offerings at Bronte Creek Park!

Mar 1 , 2018
Spring is around the corner and so is your chance to experience one of the...
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Skip the Flowers! 5 Alternatives for Valentine's Day

Feb 9 , 2018
If you really want to show how much you care, Rockliffe Residences has 5...
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Make Your Rental, Your Home

Jan 22 , 2018
Whether you're renting for the first time or you're a seasoned...
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The Holidays are Here in Oakville!

Dec 11 , 2017
Looking for a fun event to attend with friends and family during the...
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Join Your Neighbourhood Association!

Nov 30 , 2017
A community is a place where residents can safely enjoy life, seek help,...
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Oakville Bylaws Every Resident Should Know

Nov 24 , 2017
If you are a resident of Oakville, there are 5 important By-laws you...
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Community Focus: Kerr Village

Sep 22 , 2017
Discover something special in Kerr Village! Centrally located in...
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Explore Culture Days in Oakville

Aug 23 , 2017
Celebrate Arts and Culture at the annual Culture Days...
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Find Your Perfect Apartment

Jul 18 , 2017
Tips to help you determine if an apartment is perfect or a...
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Happy Canada Day! Celebrate our 150th birthday all summer long!

Jun 29 , 2017
We want to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day! This year is extra special as...
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Easy Bathroom Makeover Tips

May 16 , 2017
The bathroom may be the smallest room in your apartment, but it's one...
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Spring Cleaning: Don't forget these spaces!

Apr 19 , 2017
It's that time of the year again... Spring Cleaning! Sometimes...
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On St. Patty's Day, We're All Irish!

Mar 10 , 2017
In Oakville there are tons of fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick's...
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Get Back into the Swing of Things!

Feb 27 , 2017
If you are a golfer eagerly anticipating the start of the golfing season...
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Work from Home: Setting up a home office in your apartment

Jan 9 , 2017
There are many benefits to working from home including reducing stress,...
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Downsizing? Tips for moving your house into an apartment.

Dec 14 , 2016
Moving from a house to an apartment comes with many benefits; however,...
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Holiday Shop 'til you Drop in Oakville!

Nov 7 , 2016
The ambiance of Oakville's shopping districts during the Winter season...
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Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 13 , 2016
Halloween is nearly upon us and for those who usually end up with...
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Must-See Movies for Fall 2016

Sep 20 , 2016
This Summer we watched blockbuster movies that made us laugh, cry and...
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Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Aug 12 , 2016
Calling the weather 'hot' this Summer, is the understatement of...
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Oakville Festivals for Summer 2016

Jul 15 , 2016
    It's prime time for festival...
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First Aid for the Summer

Jun 10 , 2016
Summer on its way which means a higher frequency of cuts, scrapes, bites,...
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Experience Oakville's Stunning Waterfront!

May 31 , 2016
After a long winter and a very cold start to spring, the warmer weather is...
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Celebrate Earth Day!

Apr 12 , 2016
When living in an apartment, going green can be challenging...
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Stay Fit and Enjoy the Outdoors!

Apr 5 , 2016
Spring is finally here!   And with it, more opportunities to...