Find Your Perfect Apartment

By: Rockliffe Residences
- Published on: Jul 18 2017
Find Your Perfect Apartment

Tips to help you determine if an apartment is perfect or a pass

Apartment hunting is exciting as you look for your new home! In order to make sure you're choosing the right space for you, we've come up with some tips to help you feel confident in making the perfect choice for you and your family. 

Start with well-organized apartment research & create your 'must have' list. Take your time to view several options, learn about the surrounding community and don't rush into leasing. Create a realistic and well-thought-out list of 'must have' features you know you can't live without, and a few that would make life easier.

For example, if you're living with a roommate, spouse or a family, you'll want easy access to laundry facilities. A must-have item could be a shared laundry room within the building, while a 'make life easier' item would be in-suite laundry appliances. If a building you're viewing doesn't have either of these options - move on!

Create a budget to help you determine how much you want to spend on rent. Rent and utilities shouldn't account for more than 30% of your income. Don't forget to include living expenses, entertainment costs, food, transportation (ie gas, car payments, etc.) and savings in your budget. If you have some flexibility in your budget, determine what would entice you to spend a little more.

For example: Does the building have a generous fitness room that would take the place of your current gym membership? Is the building within a short walking distance to your work, school or somewhere important to you? If a building is outside of your budget and doesn't have any of the special features you've decided on - it's a pass!

Bring a friend to your apartment tours. An unbiased 3rd party can help you remember and compare different aspects of the suites you've seen. They can offer a second opinion and bring you back down to earth when you're gushing about the walk in closets, but forgetting the lack of balcony that was on your 'must have' list. 

How will you know when an apartment is perfect? By taking a proper tour, learning about the building and community from online and first-hand reviews and checking off the items in your 'must-have' list. Your perfect apartment doesn't need to be perfect, but it does need to work for you. Ask yourself:

  • Can you picture living in that space?
  • Does it inspire any new decor ideas / will it work with the furniture you already have?
  • Will it meet your needs for the perceivable future?
  • Last but NOT least: Do you like it?


Things to remember when touring an apartment:

  • Check the appliances to make sure they are working.

  • Open cupboards and closets and determine if the kitchen counterspace is sufficient.

  • Measure the rooms to see if your furniture will fit.

  • Test the windows, they should open with ease and there should be adequate caulking to seal them.

  • Check the cell service in each room of the apartment if you plan to use your cellphone primarily.

  • View the laundry, parking lots, and any other common areas.

  • Before you leave the property, talk to the residents of the building, and ask them if they enjoy living there.

Only you can determine if an apartment is perfect or a pass! If you're looking to rent an apartment, townhouse or house in Oakville, Ontario, view our listings today!