How to Cook Without Heating up Your Apartment

By: Rockliffe Residences
- Published on: Jul 10 2018
How to Cook Without Heating up Your Apartment

Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the weather.


But, when the temperatures start to soar, cooking dinner in your apartment may make the summertime heat feel too overwhelming to enjoy. Rockliffe Residences has some simple dinnertime solutions that will keep your kitchen comfortable all summer long!


Slow cooker or Instant Pot

A slow cooker is the perfect summer tool for dinnertime because you can cook delicious and large meals without heating up your apartment. Prepare your meals in the morning, when it's not as hot, and have them ready to serve for dinner. Check out these great slow-cooker recipes to get started with this awesome tool.

The Instant Pot has gained a lot of popularity recently due to its versatility. The Instant Pot can be used to cook meals quickly, to sauté, or to slow cook, all without heating up your kitchen! You can even make yogurt, rice, or oatmeal. Check out these Instant Pot meal ideas and enjoy all of your favourite foods this summer.


Stovetop or Griddle

When you want to make a delicious meal, turn to the stovetop or griddle to cook your foods. These methods won't make your kitchen nearly as hot as the oven will, and whatever heat is generated will dissipate once the source is turned off. Stumped on what to cook? Here are a few stovetop recipes that are sure to impress in your apartment.


No Cook

When the heat won't break, not cooking at all is the best way to keep your apartment cool. Take the opportunity to create meals that are delicious, nutritious, and super easy to make like sandwiches and wraps or salads and smoothies! Serve cold turkey sandwiches made from leftover turkey; beef up your salads with nuts, beans, hardboiled eggs, or pasta; or make it a wrap with soft shell tortilla wraps filled with all your favourite ingredients. Need more ideas? Try these recipes.


Go Out to Eat 

When the summer heat is unbearable, Oakville has many great restaurants that will happily serve you in air-conditioned comfort! Our favourites include Colossus for Greek foods, Pasquale's Trattoria for Italian, and Mo's Kitchen and Tavern for delicious comfort foods.