Join Your Neighbourhood Association!

By: Rockliffe Residences
- Published on: Nov 30 2017
Join Your Neighbourhood Association!

A community is a place where residents can safely enjoy life, seek help, and support each other.

When neighbours unite with common goals, a community becomes stronger! Each person brings a different opinion which not only broadens the view of the community, but educates the people within it. A community can easily crumble without the proper involvement, which is why neighbourhood associations formed.

What does a neighbourhood association do?

Neighbourhood associations bring people from the community together with common goals. When a community faces issues effecting their neighbourhood, like dangerous trash left in parks and playgrounds or inadequate street lighting, the neighbourhood association can seek solutions with the help of the members of the community, the city Mayor, and even the police. The goal of the association is to make the community safer, improve the quality of life, and bring people together. Having fun is a big part of what they do as well. Events, festivals, and block parties are often organized by the neighbourhood association.

Can anyone join a neighbourhood association?

Yes! You can join the neighbourhood association that represents your neighbourhood. Even if you don't see any issues with your community, joining the neighbourhood association can provide other benefits and help you feel connected to where you live. You will meet the people that make up your community, find common goals, and build friendships. Being part of a neighbourhood association also helps you gain leadership skills, community service experience, and can broaden your interests.

How do I find my neighbourhood association?

You can contact your neighbourhood association by visiting the city of Oakville's website. If you aren't sure which association represents your neighbourhood, the Town of Oakville's Residents and Community Associations map can help.


Rockliffe Residences knows it can be intimidating moving to a new community. Settling into your new neighbourhood can be much easier when you choose to join your neighbourhood association. There, you can find local business owners, friendly advice, and a plethora of recommendations for where to shop, eat, and have fun within the city.