Oakville Bylaws Every Resident Should Know

By: Rockliffe Residences
- Published on: Nov 24 2017
Oakville Bylaws Every Resident Should Know

If you are a resident of Oakville, there are 5 important By-laws you should know about


In Oakville, the noise bylaw helps to minimize noise disturbances throughout the city. Excessive noise, that can be clearly heard by your neighbours, is prohibited during the hours of 5pm and 7am daily and 5pm and 9am Sundays. Continual dog barking and persistent yelling or shouting is strictly prohibited at all times. Visit the city's website to learn more.


This bylaw is designed to minimize public nuisances such as vibrations, odours, dust, and outdoor lighting. All residents of Oakville should remember:

  • Fireworks on personal or city property are prohibited at all times without a permit.
  • Outdoor lighting must not directly shine in a neighbouring property.
  • Welding or construction odours must be controlled.
  • Smoke and odours from backyard fires must not disturb neighbouring properties.

Property Standards

The Property Standards bylaw insures all properties are well-kept, free of graffiti, pests, and dead or dying trees. Additional standards for rental properties include:

  • Rental units must be heated to a minimum of 22° Celsius
  • Locker storage must be kept free from mould, dampness, and mildew.
  • Mail boxes must be provided by the landlord and should be secured and well maintained.
  • Snow and ice must be cleared from sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots within 12 hours of a snow or ice storm.
  • Balconies, porches, and stairways must be free of waste, recyclables, unsightly storage, and brush.
  • When barbequing, propane tanks must be kept at least a meter away from all buildings. Find other open air burning and barbequing restrictions here.

Complaints about an rental property? Please contact your landlord before contacting Enforcement Services.

Public Parking

In Oakville, it is illegal to park your car on the street between 2am and 6am in areas north of Dundas Street. For areas south of Dundas Street, parking during that time is only prohibited from November to April. If you find you will need to keep your car on the road overnight, you must apply for a temporary permit.

Other parking laws include:

  • Street parking is only permitted for 3 hours at a time.
  • Parking and momentary stopping on streets around Oakville schools is prohibited.
  • Parking on grass, a path, or a driving lane at parks and recreation facilities.

Public Parks

In Oakville all public parks are open daily from dawn until dusk and are regularly maintained by the city. The following rules are in place for every public park and apply to all Oakville residents:

  • No pets are allowed on splash pads in public parks.
  • Barbeques and fires of any kind are prohibited on public parkland.
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.
  • No vehicles are permitted to drive in any Oakville park.


If you have a complaint regarding any of the above city bylaws, contact Enforcement Services at 905-845-6601.